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Evening Reporting Center Program (ERC) re-opens for on-site services

The ASPIRA NJ Evening Reporting Center Program (ERC) has officially reopened its doors for onsite counseling, programming and rehabilitative services. To date, ERC services 13 clients on a staggered schedule, Monday through Thursday, 4:30PM - 8:00PM. On Fridays, clients are administered programming virtually online. ERC's onsite services will continue consists of Mental Health Counseling, Writing, Reading, Mathematics, Empathy Development, & Physical Education. To ensure the safety of all of our clients and staff, ERC will implement a hybrid programming schedule. When a client is not being picked up for onsite participation, they will be engaged with one of our counselors via phone call and computer. For clients attending onsite sessions, they will be provided transportation in two vans, adhering to both the social distancing guidelines. ASPIRA has also implemented the proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols for our vehicles. As an addition, all client and staff members are required to have their temperature taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer upon pick-up, entering the building and departure. Clients are encouraged to have their own masks, but if special accommodations are required, ASPIRA will provide a mask that will be worn before entering the vans. If the client is above the fever threshold (100.4 F) they will remain at home for the day and documented by the driver upon pickup. With the aforementioned steps, and our dedication to providing targeted, impactful

programming, ASPIRA continues to make the necessary adjustments to return to a sense of normalcy in an environment of new norms.

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